Step 1: Configure Tool options
Sloka type:
Word Separator:
Transliterate from:
Use Diacritics - [subscript numbers]

To view candra bindu in Bengali verse type,
download and install BBT_TM_Nityananda Font.

தமிழ், வடமொழி, வங்காளம்
எழுத்துப்பெயர்ப்பு கருவி

Dictionary Tool options
1. Type or paste [paragraph in the input text area on left.
2. For non-unicode text, convert to Unicode first, using the appropriate options..
Select the file containing the Dictionary: Select the file containing the contents for Dictionary check [or] copy paste contents to check into input text area:

Step 2:

Load text from (.txt) file:

[OR] Paste unicode text in text area below
Step 3:

Function(s) to execute:
[Click] - buttons below
Result: Transliterated Text!

If text is non-unicode:
a. choose font;
b. click 'To Unicode'

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